Do it yourself home automation

Posted on October 3rd, 2013 by gadget in Do it yourself home automation

Do-it-yourself home automation is generally for people who enjoy working on simple electrical work and want to save some money on the way. Do-it-yourself projects are fun and give you the right to boast about your abilities at being a handy-person. When tackling one of these projects, one should start off with some simpler starter projects to avoid getting bogged down, and these smaller projects will also give you a great introduction into many of the components of an automated home. Also, if your first project goes well, then you can tackle more difficult ones. There are many examples of do-it-yourself home automated projects which include security systems, lighting, remote control, thermostat and many more.

One example, which we will go through here, is the automated under cabinet accent lights which turn on at sundown and turn off at midnight. They can also be set up to switch off automatically when leaving the house. In addition to this, they can be set up to flash at 7:30 on school mornings, warning the kids that breakfast time is over and it is time to brush their teeth.

Then, they can be added to the touchscreen can be used to monitor through internet or from anywhere. Do-it-yourself home automation has many benefits including controlling the access to your house more strictly, enhancing comfort for you and your family, managing the energy use in your house more efficiently and at the same time saving yourself some money. Although it would be fun and affordable to tackle a do-it-yourself home automation project yourself, make sure that you are safe and that you employ a professional, if any dangerous situations arise.

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