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Posted on October 14th, 2013 by gadget in Home Automation Resources

Just a short time ago, the term Home Automation was associated with the mansions of the rich and famous, or the home of the future display at a local fair. The first systems were complicated, time consuming to install, and gave new meaning to the word expensive. Oh, how quickly things have changed in this technological age we live in.

Home Automation is a field specializing in the automation requirements of private homes for the comfort and security of its residents. This may sound complicated at first, but latest technology has made it user-friendly to implement. The average homeowner is able to install these systems quickly, and at an affordable cost. This is now something every homeowner can enjoy and afford.

What are some of the things Home Automation can do for us? That would take pages to answer, but let us look at some highlights.

Never enter a dark house again. We have all come home late at night to a dark house. Is someone hiding in the shadows? Before you step out of your car, press a button to illuminate your yard, porch, and inside lights, ensuring a safe place. The lights can even turn off for you a few minutes after you have gone inside.

Relax on your vacations. Know your home looks occupied. Why leave a home dark and deserted when you are on vacation? Home automation can ensure a fun and worry free vacation by turning lights on and off at different times, making your house look occupied.

Modules can control appliances such as a radio, fan, air-conditioner, coffeepot, DVD recorder, or whatever, limited only by your imagination.

Using basic inexpensive home automation equipment, you can give a warm welcome home every night; provide security while you are away with a realistic lived-in look, and lower energy bills with schedules for lighting and appliances.

OK, that all sounds great, but how does it work? First, connect each device to be controlled to a wireless module. Next, sit down at your computer and use a Software program
that is easy to use. No programming degree required! Anyone who can point and click will be able to look like a home automation genius! The software looks like other Windows XP software and works with Drag-And-Drop simplicity. On your computer screen, Modules are organized by rooms. See all the devices in each room and easily organize and schedule your events. Colorful graphics help you organize and schedule your events with ease. Control Lights, Appliances and Electronics from your Desktop. That is it, and absolutely user-friendly. A fun evening with family and friends, and you now have Home Automation in operation.

Once you are comfortable with the basic system up and running, you will find yourself exploring other features like Mood Change, for example. Synchronize table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights and wall sconces to create different moods in a room and for different occasions like when you are entertaining.

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