Wireless Home Automation Ideas

Posted on November 1st, 2013 by gadget in Home Automation Tips & Ideas

Usually, the best time to install home automation systems is during the construction of the house as it is easier to access the walls, outlets, and storage rooms. However, it is still possible to install home automation systems into any house using wireless home automation technology. Wireless home automation systems use radio frequency transmitters and a central controller rather than electrical cables to send information to electrical devices around your home. Wireless systems are commonly needed and used for a pre-existing house, as they avoid the need to make major structural changes to the house being fitted. Examples of these wireless home automation
technologies include wireless lighting control, security sensors, audio and video remote controls and distribution devices, C-Bus devices and computer LAN components. Some useful home automation technologies that can be wirelessly installed are watering control, heating/cooling, roller shutter, blind and curtain, door and gate automation.

Wireless home automation systems are very useful when installed with thoughtful planning and careful selection of technologies. In terms of home automation, the two most common ideas include Clipsal’s C-Bus Wireless and HPM’s iCONTROL as both of these are appealing prospects for a pre-existing home. Using these, electrical Standard power sockets can be simply used for automation of most of the appliances using wireless communicators and no cables are needed. It’s actually cheaper to set up wireless home automation if only 2-3 rooms are done however if it is required to do the whole house, choosing the wired option is probably a more cost effective one.

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